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What can be done?

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What can be done?

Notapor spadekevin » Lun, 06 Ago 2018, 15:51


I have big problems printing with VPE on a TEC B472 label printer. I have tried different drivers and all seems to behave differently. With the driver on Seagull homepage: TEC TPCL Driver Version:7.1.4, the printout is approximately 2 mm too long. I print 25 mm high label, but as each printed label become 27 mm, the labels are displaced. It is so despite
I use the transmissive sensor so the printer should adjust each label automatically. If I print directely to the printer port using internal control codes of the printer, it work.

I have also tried other dirvers where labels where printed OK with VPE, but then there were other problems instead. One driver worked as expected when printing to LPT1:, but not when printing to COM1:. There are a lot of TEC B472 printers in use only equipped with a com1-port and my program should preferably also work with these printers.

What can be done?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... ?f=7&t=540
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Thank you.
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